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The New Seller's Guide
How to make money on the internets

Step 1: Getting paid

If you can't be paid, sales can't be made. It's important to first establish a payment method when starting to do business online. One thing you'll want to stay away from is checks and money orders. If the internet is where you want to market your products or services, you need to keep up with the fast pace. There's no better way to do that than to accept credit cards for payment. Nearly everyone who shops on the web prefers using a credit card to pay. Not only does this help you get paid faster, it allows you to fulfill orders quickly and also keeps your happy customers coming back for more. The recommended, free credit card processor is Electronic Transfer. Here's a link:

   Click here to sign up for Electronic Transfer
   Click here for sign up instructions


Step 2: Deciding on where to sell

When selling via the World Wide Web, there are pretty much only two options: a web site or an auction site. Now, setting up your own web site can be tough, but there are lots of people and companies on the web that are willing to supply you with a custom-built site, for a fee. Some companies even offer web building software so you can try to make it yourself. If you know how to set up a web site, or have someone that can do it for you, then you're close to done with the basics. If you're looking for a place to put your site, or just a name for your site, you can buy web site names, or domain names, from Yahoo! Small Business. They typically have the lowest prices when it comes to that kind of stuff. Right now, exclusively through, Yahoo! is offering domain names for the low price of $1.99 per year! There's a link to Yahoo! below. If you're interested in a high quality web host, they've also got special pricing on web hosting. If you're more interested in taking the auction route, here are some extremely helpful links. You've got eBay stores, regular eBay auctions and links to eBay auction alternatives if you're so inclined. Also, once you've gotten your web site or eBay store set up, don't forget to submit your site to search engines! You can do it free, click here.

   Click here to register your domain name
   Click here to open an eBay Store
   Click here to register with
   Click here to see a list of auction sites


Step 3: Deciding on what to sell

Need something to sell, or just want to increase your profit margins? We can help. Through our years of selling online, and extensive research, we've come across a few programs that give you exclusive access to an amazing money making opportunity. Did you know that automobiles that are confiscated by police often sell for as little as $100? Or that homes where owners have failed to make payment can sell for as little as $3,000? Well, it's true. When these assets are repossessed, they are sold quickly to the highest bidder. And the highest bidder is often someone looking for a very good deal. There are other items that sell in some government auctions for very cheap. It's possible to get things like television sets, in good condition, for as little as $1 or $5! And trust us, people buy cars, homes and used goods everyday on the internet. They're a hot commodity. Here are a few links where you can get your hands on these amazing deals.

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That's it for The New Seller's Guide. For information on advanced selling techniques and tricks, please browse the entire web site. Good luck with selling online. Go make that money!