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It's all in the name

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When choosing a domain, you want something easily remembered but unique. Domains containing keywords in them are not really necessary, try focusing on a short name that's easily pronounced. Domain names with keywords in them don't mean much to SE's anymore, and they're usually hard to find unless they're longer than you'd want them to be. For example, you'd want "johntrons.com" as opposed to "johnssuperstore.com."

Also, try to stick with the .com suffix. The .com suffix stands for commerce, which is precisely what you'd want if you're doing business online. Don't settle for other suffixes just because your desired name wasn't available in .com form. People typically assume a domain will end in .com, because it's the most popular domain suffix there is - don't make remembering your site's address difficult.

Stay away from free domains. It's rare you'll find a free domain that isn't actually a subdomain. Subdomains are those which have two periods in them, between www and com. The three biggest problems with free domains is that they're usually full of ads your customers won't be interested in, they're harder to remember, and they use frames to display your site rather than simply redirecting. The last problem can effect the way security is interpreted on your pages. If you have encryption and other safeguards for shoppers to feel safe, they probably won't know it right away as most subdomains use frames and result in "mixed content" warnings.

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