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It's all in the name

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Believe it or not, there are people who make a substantial income by registering domain names and reselling them. Usually, the domains worth the most money are as little as three letters long (not including the .com suffix). Three letter domain names have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars - yes, for just one domain name. Why is that? Location, location, location. Or in this case, traffic, traffic, traffic. Short domain names are easily remembered, and can get a substantial amount of traffic without much effort, simply because they're short and have more opportunities to come up in search results on search engines. Now, three letter domain names are probably extinct, but you can still make good money with other domain combinations.

The following will increase the value of a domain:

- Minimal length (the fewer letters the better)
- All letters, no numbers
- Easily pronounced
- Contains a well known brand name
- Domain is highly relevant to a specific subject

Now, these things all sound easy enough, but they're actually not that easy. Most of the good, obvious domain names have already been registered. While three letter domains are probably all gone, there are still thousands of four letter domains still available for registration - an easy way to make some money. Four letter domains can sell for about twenty dollars or even up to mid or high hundreds at the moment. In the future, as they become more rare, they'll probably be worth even more. Now, if the domain can be pronounced easily (even if it isn't a real word or name) it's a plus, but short domains like these will still sell even if they can only pass as acronyms or typos.

If you want to get your domains appraised, or are ready to post them for sale to see how much you can earn, these sites are good places to start:

NamePros.com and Sedo.com.

Good Luck!

By the way, if you'd like help finding four letter domains, New Sellers can give you a list of ten unregistered, four-letter domain names for $100.00. You have the potential to make hundreds of dollars on each one if the right buyer comes along. At any rate, you're very likely to at least make a profit of forty dollars or so. If you're interested, contact us via this page.