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eBay Learning
All about online auctions

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If you're left wondering where to get the information and images for the products you're selling, it's simple. Follow the instructions below while following along with the demo, and you should have everything you need to start listing right away.

- First, find the image for your product, right-click it, and choose "save picture as"
- Now, choose a folder and rename the image file so it's easy to remember
- Click save, and the file should then be saved to your hard drive for later use
- Now, look up the description for the product you're trying to list for sale
- To copy the description, highlight the text and then press ctrl+c on your keyboard
- To highlight, you simply hold down your left mouse button and drag across the text
- Upon dragging your cursor over the text, it should be highlighted (usually in blue)
- Once highlighted, to copy, press ctrl+c or right-click the text and choose "copy"
- Now you should be ready to follow along with the "How to Sell" demo
- Remember to paste the text you've copied when asked for a product description
- To paste what you've copied, press ctrl+v or right-click and choose "paste"

If you cannot look up your product's description via the internet, you will have to write a description manually. Make sure to be as detailed as possible.