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Don't get scammed

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On auction web sites, scammers take advantage of anonymity and hopeful merchants to get merchandise at your expense. These people have tons of tricks, some are more obvious than others.

Things to look out for with a potential scammer:

- They email you, and request a sale off of the auction site.
- They ask you to ship somewhere you said you wouldn't.
- They request to pay through a method you don't accept.
- They offer to pay you more than the item is worth.
- They pressure you to ship before payment is secured.
- They ask that you ship to Nigeria or London.

Keep in mind, sometimes scammers don't make themselves as obvious. Sometimes they are within your own country, sometimes they'll pay via PayPal or credit card (they can be using a stolen credit card, or they can do a charge back after you've sent their item). If in your auction you do accept money orders and checks, some scammers send fake ones. Some scammers even design fake PayPal confirmation emails, making it seem as though they've actually paid money, when they haven't.

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