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Buying To Resell
A common practice online

A lot of web entrepreneurs practice this method of buying and reselling. It's a very smart thing to do if you can get your hands on popular items at low prices. Buying and reselling is common in many retail stores as well, as most don't manufacture their own product line. However large chains buy very large amounts of inventory to receive discounts - they purchase quantities that us common folk would not be able to afford.

There are alternatives to buying brand new items in bulk, however. Many of the sellers on eBay actually purchase items on ebay.com and then relist them for sale to gain a profit. The reason this works is, most items on eBay are used and sold for below their retail value. Buying used items and reselling them is a great money maker, for more information on how to buy wholesale for the purpose of reselling, visit the links below.

Note: It is not necessary to sell below retail value to make sales. One thing to always remember is, marketing plays a huge role in how many sales you can make. Even if you have something everyone wants, if you can't reach them so they can become aware of it, how will you sell it? For more information on marketing, click here.


Repossessed Cars from $100

Do you know what happens when a car gets impounded and the owner doesn't pay to get it back? It gets sold in government auctions for pennies on the dollar! If you've ever been to a police auction, you know the prices these cars can sell for... $100, $500, for cars in good condition! Most auctions even offer financing if you want one for yourself! Bargain Network has great listings on these auctions and cars for sale. Plenty of people buy cars at auctions and sell them to turn a profit. eBay makes it easy, allowing you to sell cars online. Check out their auto section after registering. Visit the link below to check out the repossessed vehicle listings for free!

   Click here to find these repossessed cars


Foreclosed Homes from $3,000

Did you know eBay has a real estate section? People sell real estate on eBay everyday. Start making real money by purchasing and reselling distressed properties online! These homes go for as little as $3,000 - we're talking grand total, purchase price! Some homes can even go for less than that. Don't let anyone fool you. All prices are negotiable. Imagine being able to buy a home cash, and then resell it on the web to turn a profit of a few thousand dollars. Visit the link below to check out the foreclosed home listings for free!

   Click here to find these foreclosed homes


Used goods from $1

You've probably seen what used items go for on eBay, but have you seen what they go for at police auctions? The prices at these things are amazing. You can find plasma tvs, appliances, video game systems, furniture, DJ equipment, and the list goes on! These items sell for as little as $1 sometimes. Items at police auctions can consist of recovered property in very good, to almost new conditions. You can turn around and sell them on eBay for a profit with these savings. Visit the link below to check out the used goods listings for free!

   Click here to find these used goods