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Submitting your site to search engines can be pretty time consuming. There are several search engines that are used everyday, even more which are lesser known. In all, there are thousands upon thousands of search engines that could help you get traffic. But how can you get your site indexed by them? And if you knew, where would you find the time to submit your web site to each one?

New Sellers offers free web site submission to several search engines (click here for list of search engines). These engines include Google, Yahoo!, MSN and many others. Aside from submitting your site to the most popular engines, we take it a step further by also submitting your site to lesser known engines. Not only that, New Sellers also makes the whole process automated. All you have to do is fill out the form, submit it and forget it. Just remember not to submit more than once, as some search engines will block your site for spamming them.

Aside from the obvious benefits of using New Sellers web submission, by submitting the form you're also added to our opt-in database, which allows us to send you helpful e-mails, from time to time.

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